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Where others externalise the difficulty to you, we internalise the challenge and make sure you get what you need, and do so throughout a lasting partnership.

Lasting partnerships
Your Hub of QC
Real people, real care

Why trust in us?

While digitalisation, IoT, Industry 4.0 and 5.0, AI and a myriad of other tools promise tremendous potential, at Zetamotion we understand, in actuality, it is really difficult to make them work – and make them work properly, efficiently and in a lasting manner.

Lasting Partnerships

We understand that production lines evolve.

Be it new materials, production methods, a new product line or new defect standards to be met – Zetamotion co-evolves with you and ensures lasting automated QC

Your Hub of QC

With Zetamotion’s SpectronTM platform you have access to all things QC on your production line.
Onboard products, look up reports, live-monitor several production line yield points and cross-correlate the data for predictive & prescriptive troubleshooting and maintenance all in one place

Real People, Real Care

Where other tools are faceless, often, leaving you to your own devices. We have full support integrated into our platform. With intuitive, instant, feedback and comment functions as well as a team on hand 24/7 we ensure flawless processes

Minimising Consequences

In the manufacturing landscape, the visible challenges of quality control are often just the tip of the iceberg. These are the immediate, tangible issues that people notice when quality control fails. However, the true scale of quality control challenges lies beneath the surface, often unnoticed but with far-reaching consequences. These include defects, delays, and inefficiencies that can undermine a brand’s reputation and customer trust – fundamental needs for the end users’ expectations and your return on investment.

With Zetamotion, you gain control over every aspect of your quality control process, ensuring a consistent, high-quality output that strengthens you and your clients’ market position and customer satisfaction. By preventing the vast issues that can arise from poor quality control, our robust quality control system gives you a strategic advantage which directly benefits your bottom line. We’re here to guide you in maintaining excellence throughout your operation, ensuring that you not only meet but exceeds expectations.

Your Data, Your Process:

Full Integration

Your reports reflect your products, your quality and your processes towards your customer. This why Zetamotion allows you to tailor our automatically generated reports to your and your client’s standards, allowing for easy integration, full compatibility and streamlined RMA processes. 

Industry Standard Compliance

Our reporting is adaptable to all major industry standards, allowing for seamless integration into existing IoT/PLM/ERP platforms and processes. With options and customisable fields in html, adobe and csv formats we enable direct export of reporting to your clients’ platforms

RMA & Due Diligence

Zetamotion’s reporting offers, but is not limited to, ID/Serial Nr. lookups, full data history retention and retrieval as well as purpose-built re-scan and compare features for Return Material Authorisation (RMA) analysis

Cause & Effect Analytics

How does it help?

Implementing inspection stations at strategic yield points and production step changes brings a transformative impact on manufacturing processes if used for cause-and-effect analytics.

It significantly enhances production health by providing real-time data and insights, enabling proactive adjustments. It allows digital twinning of Quality Control (QC) parameters across the entire production line, offering a virtual model that mirrors physical processes for improved monitoring and optimization.

This results in an increase in quality and yield, streamlines line speed and reduces downtime by predicting and preventing bottlenecks before they occur. It also minimises wasted materials, energy consumption, and the need for reworking, contributing to more sustainable manufacturing practices.

Case Study

A compelling way to highlight Zetamotion’s advantages is by sharing insights we have garnered from real-world conversations with manufacturers and the challenges they face.

Steel Manufacturing

Firstly, consider what we will call SteelX, a producer of coated, painted, embossed, and textured steel. SteelX invested a significant six-figure sum in an automated inspection system. Initially, this system operated satisfactorily for the specific products it was tailored for.

However, following market demand, SteelX introduced new product features, and transitioned to a more agile production model, allowing for enhanced product customization. Their earlier inspection system could not adapt to these new product nuances, mistaking intended features, like embossed elements, for defects (i.e. false positives), rendering the system effectively unusable. When SteelX approached the original system provider for upgrades, they were informed that the system was and could not be modified.

Consequently, they reverted to their previous inaccurate and resource intensive manual inspections This steered SteelX’s conversation in our direction.

Zetamotion took up their challenge and processed samples from SteelX. Within 24 hours, we successfully integrated their product and were able to examine their 30+ quality parameters accurately and reliably.

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