Who are we?

At Zetamotion, we are a vibrant and diverse team of 20+ dedicated professionals, innovating at the intersection of technology and computer vision.

Our mission

At Zetamotion, we are more than just a quality inspection company; Since our inception, we have been driven by a singular vision: To embody the pinnacle of quality in every project we undertake.

Yet, our services are designed not just to uphold standards of excellence, but to significantly enhance your return on investment. We understand that in the world of manufacturing, precision is not just about quality — it is about smart economics.

As traditional quality control methods are pushed to their boundaries, we elevate your capabilities to the next level. With care and clarity, we commit to guiding you through this transition, ensuring that our technology not only serves as a tool, but as an intelligent companion.

Our business culture values continuous growth and learning; With outstanding talents from tech giants like Twitter, Adobe, and Amazon, we bring fresh knowledge and experience to the forefront. This diverse expertise fuels our commitment to pioneering solutions in technology.

Is it time to enhance your capabilities?

Liberate time and resources for your other critical priorities.

Welcome to Zetamotion. Here, excellence is not just a standard; it is our byword.

Strength in diversity

Our 1:5 commercial-to-technical staff ratio further reflects our unwavering commitment to technology and innovation.

At Zetamotion, diversity is not just a buzzword; it is core to our strength. As a female co-founded startup, we foster an inclusive environment that empowers every member of our team.

We strive to not only advance business but to contribute to society in a meaningful way. 

Management Team

Huy Phan


Huy Phan, with over 14 years of experience in industrial AI and computer vision, has propelled Zetamotion to the forefront of innovation, evidenced by his contributions to 5 patents and numerous peer-reviewed papers. His leadership has not only led to successful products but has also cultivated a talented team of developers.

Wilhelm Klein


Wilhelm Klein, CEO and founder of Zetamotion, is deeply committed to leveraging technology for the benefit of society, combining his background in technology ethics research with a zeal for practical solutions. His interests extend to hands-on projects in blacksmithing and drone design, reflecting a blend of creativity and technical prowess that informs his leadership.

Ha Nguyen


As the COO and co-founder of Zetamotion, Ha Nguyen brings a wealth of experience in corporate finance and management, honed through her tenure as a former investigation specialist at Amazon. Her strategic vision and operational expertise are pivotal in steering the company towards its innovative goals.

Board Members

Burt Hurlock

Executive Chairman

Burt Hurlock’s extensive career as a founder, CEO, investor, and board member across various tech and service sectors enriches Zetamotion with invaluable leadership and strategic direction. His proven track record of transforming businesses, such as the tenfold growth of Azima Global under his stewardship, exemplifies his capacity for driving success.

Edward Krubasik

Board Advisor

Professor Edward Krubasik’s distinguished career, spanning roles at McKinsey, Siemens AG, and numerous industry associations, provides Zetamotion with unparalleled expertise in technology and industry. His academic and professional contributions, especially in physics and engineering, underscore the depth of knowledge he brings to the company’s strategic endeavours.

James Wilson

Investor & Board Member

James Wilson, Chairman and Managing Partner at Source2, brings a focused expertise in building technology-enabled service businesses, particularly in the clean energy sector. His extensive experience in private equity and his active involvement in various non-profits reflect a broad vision that enriches Zetamotion’s strategic outlook.

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22-26 July

Future Tech Fest

22 August

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8-10 October

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