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Our cutting-edge SpectronTM platform paves your way towards 99.99% accuracy with scalable, fully connected and automated Quality Control.

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Welcome to the Future

Zetamotion employee inspecting physical components of the Spectron QCaaS platform offered by Zetamotion on the production line

Architects of Change

In the grand narrative of manufacturing, every new chapter has been marked by a leap forward – from the skilled hands of artisans to the groundbreaking innovations of the Industrial Revolution. Today, we stand at the threshold of another transformative era. At Zetamotion, we are not just observers of this change; We guide you into this new age of manufacturing excellence.

According to Oliver Wyman, only 30% of manufacturers have embraced a meaningful spectrum of modern technologies, partnering with Zetamotion doesn’t just give you a competitive edge – it propels you to the forefront of innovation. Our approach is centered on delivering automated quality control whilst minimising waste, maximizing yield, and significantly enhancing your return on investment.

Zetamotion is at the forefront of the next manufacturing era. As architects of change, we are guiding you towards excellence with advanced technologies. While only 30% of manufacturers fully leverage modern technologies (Oliver Wyman), our partnership offers a competitive advantage, offering automated quality control to improve efficiency, minimize waste, and boost your ROI.

Exceeding Expectations

In manufacturing where cost of poor quality can erode up to 40% of revenue our commitment to excellence is our byword; By integrating Zetamotion’s state-of-the-art quality inspection systems, you free up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – innovation and growth.

The greatest manufacturers have always taken pride in their craft. At Zetamotion, we honor that tradition. We take our guidance from you. It is your product. We contribute with our innovation, accuracy, and foresight. Our mission is to allow you to create products that not only meet but exceed market quality expectations. Join us today and unlock your full production potential.

When poor quality can erode up to 40% of potential revenue Zetamotion transcends traditional quality inspection roles. Our approach enhances ROI through precision and smart economics. We offer next-level capabilities, acting not just as a tool, but as an intelligent ally in your manufacturing journey.

Cameras inspecting the production line
Graphic illustrating the Last Mile problem in conventional machine learning approaches to quality control in manufacturing and how Zetamotion overcomes the Last Mile

Computer Vision for Quality Control

Surpassing the 80% accuracy barrier is possible: Our SpectronTM system redefines quality control. By requiring only 1 data point or 1 scan instead of the traditional 1,000’s, we help you achieve a groundbreaking 99.99% accuracy in defect and FOD detection.

Addressing the

Challenges in Manufacturing

Conventional approaches to quality control automation can cause headaches

Resource-intensive quality control

A significant portion of manufacturers’ time and resources are dedicated to ensuring product consistency and quality — valuable time that could be invested in innovation and business growth

Workload and fatigue

In UK manufacturing environments, 57% of working days lost to ill health are due to work-related stress. Zetamotion’s automation and collaborative approach helps in reducing manual workload and freeing up resources

Inefficiencies in defect detection

Traditional defect detection methods are slow and typically retrospective, resulting in extended production downtimes and delayed responses to issues

Customer satisfaction and trust

Quality issues not only affect customer satisfaction but also require manufacturers to spend considerable time managing customer complaints and returns, rather than focusing on enhancements to their product line

Resource waste and efficiency losses

Delayed defect detection in manufacturing leads to considerable wastage in energy, material and skilled staff talent. Such issues affect environmental sustainability and cause notable reductions in overall operational efficiency

Perfect Data, Perfect Products

Smart QC, Smarter Integration

Our leading-edge technology is designed to integrate seamlessly and swiftly, helping you free up resources to what truly propels your business forward: productivity, growth and innovation.

long-term ROI

With Zetamotion you’re not only investing in a service, but in a cost-saving partnership. Our scalable pricing models provide a solution that not only fits your current budget, but also contributes to your bottom line over time. 

360 service management

By handling deployment, support & maintenance, we take the burden of QC management off your shoulders. Our team is dedicated to flawless operation so you can free up time for the real deal – innovation and growth


We’re not only your service provider, we want to become an integral part of your team. Our experts handle everything from deployment to ongoing support, ensuring you to be at the forefront of QC processes

We grow
with you

Scalable and adaptable solutions are at the heart of Zetamotion. Our flexible service aims to align with your new products, defect types and requirements, keeping you ahead of time 

Zetamotion employees at work in the Vietnam Office, happily assisting customers

We’re not a faceless software tool

At Zetamotion, we are a vibrant team of 20 dedicated professionals, innovating at the intersection of technology, communication and collaboration. 

Our journey spans across the globe, with roots in the UK, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
The Boeing Company
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Oxford Said Business School
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UK Research and Innovation

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