We use cutting-edge Visual AI to solve Quality Control Bottlenecks, by providing Quality Control as a Service (QCaaS)

The Quality Control (QC) bottleneck in modern manufacturing

QC is often provided as a simple product that you buy to examine your existing products and then you have no further contact with the seller. There are issues with this as it’s a product which isn’t adaptable or scalable. For example:

AirZ are manufacturers of large flat panels with a matt finish, which their existing vision-based QC system can handle. Their client then has a need for panels which are slightly larger than the existing ones with a gloss finish. AirZ’s existing system would not be able to handle the QC for the new product. If they used Zetamotion’s QCaaS, we could easily, quickly and remotely onboard any new products or parameters to our deployed Inspection system so that it can cater for QCing of the new product.

Zetamotion follows an SaaS-Approach, with continued Success Management and support -Quality Control as a Service.

We want to become your dedicated AI engineering team making sure your automated QC really works, and does so in perpetuity.

As your business grows and expands and your product range develops, we grow with you.

Our system stays in constant touch with your team and management systems, as we have a passion to optimise and improve your QC across all of your products.

Your data remains with you, and our AI system runs continuously on your premises without any cloud connection, ensuring complete data security.

Our secure platform interface allows for rapid and fluid onboarding of new products and allows us to perform maintenance and regular performance updates.

We stay with you long-term, working alongside you as an integrated part of your QC, ensuring a lasting ROI for you.

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