Our Spectron QCaaS Platform checks all Quality Control product parameters including geometry, dimensions and print patterns while detecting an ever-growing range of defects, such as scratches, marks, inclusions, cracks, pinholes, bubbles and many more. Positioned strategically along the production line, Zetamotion’s Spectron QCaaS Platform captures data on the state and quality of products, providing manufacturers with unprecedented levels of control and understanding.

By cross-referencing captured data, Spectron QCaaS Platform uncovers cause-and-effect relationships on the production line, allowing it to provide predictive analysis of trends and likely outcomes, as well as prescriptive suggestions for troubleshooting. For example, it might flag something which would not have been identified as a problem at stage A of the production line but would likely develop into a defect at stage C.

Equipped with this knowledge, manufacturers can improve product quality, prevent wastage and reduce production downtime. This is one of the reasons why Spectron QCaaS Platform is a superior alternative to other providers who only offer single-point, end-of-line inspection.

Spectron QCaaS Platform enables manufacturers to improve their product quality, maximise throughput, reduce waste, and optimise their workforces.

Where other providers require a training dataset of 1000 or more fully annotated pictures, with Spectron QCaaS Platform, your engagement begins with as little as a single sample piece or a CAD drawing. Additionally, we’ll hold a session with your QC team to teach us about the nature of your defects and parameters, similar to training a new QC hire.

Our patented NEURAL CAPTURE engine uses a state-of-the-art synthetic data approach to train itself to recognize and analyse your products, based on the information provided. Once learning is completed, which can take as little as a day, we deploy the inspection software (AI TRACK) and hardware (Inspection Sensors, Computing Units and Server) to your premises. All of the inspection and analytics occurs on your network, ensuring maximum data security and integrity.

The Inspection Server (Spectron Server) acts as the main hub of control and connectivity on your premises, allowing you to view real-time inspection data and analytics via a control dashboard (Spectron Dashboard). It also stores historic data and connects and exports raw data and/or analytics to your IoT, PLM, or legacy systems.

To onboard new products, simply run them through one of your Spectron QCaaS Platform stations and securely send the data to our Cloud for training. Equally, captured data can be used to further improve previously provided inspection models. This can be set up as an automatic, self-improving process or guided via selected and secure data transfer, according to your security needs.

The capabilities of our Spectron QCaaS Platform technology has been proven in our work with manufacturers in the UK and the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. We’re helping our clients to eliminate inspection errors, accelerate their production speed and significantly reduce their material waste, thus improving their bottom line while simultaneously contributing to their goals toward Zero Waste and Zero Carbon.