Next-Gen Motion Capture

Quite frankly, our technology revolutionizes Motion Capture.

Our patent pending technology provides both precision and simplicity, with which you can make robots see, animate effortlessly, or enjoy immersive technology in a more natural and intuitive way than you have ever seen before.

And since our systems are easy to use, uncomplicated in their set-up, and built to last, they can be used in, or adapted to, any given environment.

Or in other words, our technology works not only in laboratory and studio conditions, but also in the real world.

Design, Realism & Ergonomics

Gone are the days of awkward tracker arrays, blobby suits and the need for special controllers.

Our technology can adapt to any aesthetic design and allows our customers to track any object. Think of the sleek and gorgeous technology you see in science fiction – we can make this happen for your MoCap experience.

Users of our technology can track the real object, and hence experience the unaltered physical properties, the haptics, the weight and the feel of the actual object.

Our technology can even track a ball bouncing around in a room. No internal IMU, no hidden marker array. No other MoCap technology can do this.

Requirements & Possibilities

In contrast to traditional MoCap solutions, Zeta Motion’s system requires very little computing power. It will happily run on any device and platform – Windows, MacOS or Linux – and requires as little in terms of resources as those offered by a Raspberry Pi.

Our technology is also built following the principle of “Privacy by Design”.

Our products cannot “see” any faces or other identifiable data. There is no cloud and no third party computing. What happens on your machine stays in your machine.

We strive to put as much power as possible into the hands of our customers. We emphasise compatibility and openness. You are in control. We simply provide the means.