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Zetamotion takes the unique approach of offering QCaaS (Quality Control as a Service).

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Solving the QC Bottleneck

Potential for massive improvement in profit and customer satisfaction using zetamotion’s technology.

Current Pain-Points The Future with Zeta Motion
Valuable material lost as scrap Up to 90% waste reduction
Margin lost due to irreparable faulty product Causal analysis prevents faulty products
QC process slowing down manufacturing Real-time QC enables maximum speed
Costly insurance against customer claims Better products, lower fault-rate, less claims
Faulty products ruin clients’ returns Maximum quality and output → max returns
Customers are lost due to claims disputes Happy, returning customers
New customers lost due to bad reputation High quality reputation attracts customers
Expensive, unscalable QC solutions Flexible subscription plans, high ROI
Reliance on passive QC impedes Automation Passive human QC replaced with active AI QC

Our ASIS System

Our cutting-edge Automated Surface Inspection System (ASIS) paves your way towards highly accurate, scalable, fully connected and fully automated Artificial Intelligence Quality Control.

Our Industries

One of the big issues with the manufacturing process is Quality Control bottlenecks, which slow down production. Manual QC is slow and inaccurate due to Human Factors. Another negative is that it lacks analytics and has no way of providing real-time data. For this reason, manufacturers seek automated solutions.

However, current machine vision-based solutions suffer several shortcomings:

• Bespoke solutions can take many months to deploy.
• Inspection toolkits are highly limited in their out-of-the-box capabilities.
• There can be endless fine-tuning and chasing of false positives.
• Scaling to more production steps or products is tedious and slow.

Using our patented and unique AI system, we can assess products in a way that other QC methods cannot. 

We specialise in the Quality Control (QC) of Flat Products, such as steel, glass and composite material that have very complex and specific QC requirements. Our system offers great precision, too, being able to accurately detect sub-millimetre defects on panels that are metres long and wide.

Our system is designed to deliver accurate QC when you have High Variability. If you are manufacturing a range of different products, our system learns and understands the QC requirements of each individual product, whether these products are vastly different to each other or very similar. 

With our ASIS, we can provide a solution for you to cater for Agile Manufacturing at your factory. If you are rolling out new products frequently, our unique approach offers quick adaptability to the QC requirements of these products. This adaptability enables you to smoothly onboard a new product into the QC process, within as little as a day.

Our ASIS system consists of both Hardware and Software to inspect all your production steps simultaneously. 

We check product parameters, detect defects, and uncover cause-and-effect relationships across your production line, providing both predictive and prescriptive advice.

ASIS intuitively and accurately learns what QC parameters each of your products need to pass. It then detects inaccuracies with physical parameters, such as geometry and dimensions, and aesthetic anomalies, such as uneven print patterns, as well as detecting the smallest of defects, such as pin-holes, scratches, cracks, chips and more.

  1. Fast

    Our system works from day one, with no endless fine-tuning and retraining.

  2. Affordable

    Premium and bespoke quality that’s within your budget.

  3. Accurate

    ASIS is accurate and intuitive, learning what QC parameters each of your products need to pass. It then detects inaccuracies while identifying the smallest of defects.

  4. Scalable

    Our goal is to maximise your ROI. You can start with a simple package and a single product and inspection system and expand later, or go big right away - our prices are scalable with your ambitions.

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