Having won Digital Catapult’s LuP challenge, Zeta Motion teamed up with Artist Mig Burgess and the FUSE Arts Collective to create “1 in 4”, an interactive lighting-based installation that focuses on the compelling statistic that one in four people will suffer from a mental health related issue in any one year.

In a symbolic and participative way, it explores the notion that by breaking taboos, dissolving labels and truly ‘connecting’ with those who suffer, we can all make a difference. The installation uses four trees in close proximity. All are lit in a unique way, but one is obviously in poor health. Through the use of voice-over, soundscape and Zeta Motion’s MoCap technology visitors are encouraged to go to the unhealthy tree, connect with it and make it healthy again.

Together with FUSE, were tasked with creating an installation around the theme ‘Spectrum’ and were given a location filled with trees. The sub-theme was to apply ‘spectrum’ to society and empower Fuse, as a company that looks at mental health, to followed that path. At the suggestion of Fuse, we went with ‘1 in 4’, and were stunned to learn that a quarter of the UK’s population lives with a mental health illness at any one time.

For the final experience, FUSE decided to move away from the usual sadness and solemnity that this topic usually comes with and instead aimed at promoting kindness and compassion. By encouraging our guests to ‘help’ the poorly tree and making a simple game out of finding the next poorly tree we felt that adults and children alike could understand and experience something that usually resides in very clinical settings.

The second aspect of the challenge task was to collect data on the guests that passed through the installation. Zeta Motion provided the necessary technology for this part of the challenge. Making use of our Z-Ero sensors, our system created what is likely to be the largest mass motion capture installation to date.

In the process of providing optimal combatibility with FUSE’s lighting system, Zeta Motion also debuted its ZIVA system, which allows full automation and integration of our sensors with common light management systems.

With a fully GDPR compliant system, we were able to provide live data about visitor count and visitor interaction with our installation. Some images, and one of our result graphics are shown below.